Jo Copoc

Founder & Head of Programmes and Business Development

With over 15 years experience as a trainer/coach within the world of business working across multiple business sectors, supporting leadership and people development, lately the last 5 years I have shifted my focus to develop my expertise further into the health and wellbeing space, I became a heartmath coach, NLP practitioner, Hypnotherapist and CBT therapist and Yoga teacher, I have thrown my heart and soul into holistic therapies too, whatever I can learn that will help others!
This has allowed me to combine the science of heartmath with my people coaching skills and therapy all together to complete a holistic approach to better health, leading me to create a program which is totally unique.
During the pandemic, I have seen things with my eyes, that I cannot unsee and this has left me compelled to do something to support mental health, so ROAR Wellness was born.
I finally feel, like I’m in pursuit of my purpose, which is extremely satisfying, it feels so good to be able to support others in tackling the epidemic that is mental, emotional and physical health.
My vison is to create wellbeing champions across the Borough and touch/ support as many communities as we can, we will not give up until we have finished the job.

Dianne Copoc-Jones

Finance Director

I studied a BA Hons. Degree in Media, Marketing & Business Communications at Edge Hill University from 2000-2003 and gained much knowledge about the business world around us.

I went straight from university to work for a chain of upmarket restaurants and soon became the General Manager for the company. After many years within this role, I realised it would be impossible to start a family working in such a demanding and busy environment working until early hours in the morning. So, I decided to pursue a position within a company that could offer a lot of positive challenges but within a more structured working week.

I moved to work as a Business Support Manager for an international pharmaceutical company. This role was very varied, and I spent a lot of time travelling to European countries training out a HR system to our sister companies around the world. During my time there, I became a Mummy to 2 beautiful, independent, head strong little girls and I have to say they are my best career yet. They make me laugh so hard but of course being a parent comes with its challenges, but I am ready for whatever they throw at me (I think anyway haha).

I live by the quote from my favourite ‘Rocky’ movie.

“Going in one more round when you don’t think you can. That’s what makes all the difference in your life” (Rocky Balboa)

Finance Director for ROAR Wellness UK.

Anne Bevan

Head of Safe Guarding and Family Community Support 

I have 24 yrs experience in working with children and families. During my professional career I have managed registered day cares and teams of intervention workers to support children and families in nursery setting and home environment.

 I have experience and knowledge in identifying support needs and child development needs and supporting children and families in everyday situations they may struggle with both emotionally and physically.

I have also worked with children with complex medical needs and alongside parents/carers supported with packages of care to make life that little bit easier.

I am also a baby massage teacher and enjoy delivering this in classes or 1-1 in the home.

I am currently completing a level 2 mental health award and have just completed a Level 2,3 and 4 Special Educational Needs Qualification.

Bradley Welsh

Head of Quality Assurance and forest Schools

My journey throughout education first started with a love of learning in school as a child. Inspired by passionate educators throughout my childhood and supported by my family to reach my potential, I graduated from Liverpool John Moores University with a BA (hons) in Education and Special Inclusive Needs. It was during my studies I realised a huge inequality in International Education and a lack of opportunities for the future generations. I combined my passion for education and travel and set off to begin a career in International Education. I started off in South Korea where I fell in love with Asian culture. After one year working in an Early Years provision, I moved to Thailand were I was part of the founding team setting up a Primary School which I headed in the suburbs of Bangkok for nine years. Throughout my time in Asia, the culture and the simple, yet effective way of living off the land inspired me to take up up my Forest School Leader Qualification. After completing the qualification, I began a Headship role at a prestigious International School setting up a Forest School which had a profound affect on my life. The impact a Forest School philosophy on the children’s wellbeing amazed me and I then turned my attention to introducing a wellbeing curriculum across Asia. Upon returning to the UK after 12 years abroad, I was delighted to meet such inspiring professionals who equally shared my vision to deliver more support to our families and children, hence the birth of ROAR.

Gillian Kavanagh

Head of Funding and Wellbeing Champion

I started working in Tiger Tots Nursery over 5 years ago.  I thoroughly enjoy my job; each day is a new challenge with lots of variation.  I am also the funding officer for the nursery.  This role enables me to claim funding for all children of eligible age and also for any extra support they need.

I am a mum of two beautiful boys.  Being a mother to me is a gift but this does not come without its challenges, they can make you laugh out loud one minute and then your heart can be broken the next.  I have just started the journey of trying to meditate.  As a beginner it takes a lot of practice but I am enjoying this new challenge and feel it is helping me have a little time to myself and also calms you down when life is stressful.  My motto to get me through life is “Live for today as you don’t know what tomorrow will bring.”

Claire Bryers

Well being champion coordinator

I am a well being champion coordinator.  It is my passion to help others overcome any mental health difficulties, combining a holistic and experienced based approach.  I have over 5 years experience working in a secondary school with pupils with special educational needs, and over 2 years experience working with adults who have learning disabilities.  Whilst raising my 2 children, I gained a Diploma in Anatomy & Physiology and qualified in 2009 as a holistic massage therapist.
My spiritual growth encompasses a love of nature, healthy eating, a positive mindset, exercise and a love for one another. People need an advocate for their health (physical and mental), and I will be that someone to help guide you to make the lifestyle changes that will make a difference in your life.